Why Travel To Sri Lanka 为什么要去斯里兰卡旅行

Things around the world are gradually returning to normal as the global vaccine rollout gains momentum. So, are you ready to fly to Sri Lanka since travel is currently allowed to Sri Lanka ?

Rich history, tropical climate, endless beaches, spectacular wildlife, incredible food and an innate sense of luxury of Sri Lanka are just some of the many reasons to include on your travel list. Sri Lanka is an unforgettable destination that will have you filling in dinner party conversations for years to come !

These are the top reasons to visit Sri Lanka :

1. Taste Of Curry

Sri Lanka is famous for it’s flavourful food, whether you are talking lunch, dinner, or breakfast food. You may think of rice and curry. But did you know that there are many curries in this island ? Though you cannot go past the local curry. For starters, curry is something you will always get for the best price. And Sri Lankans are incredibly good at making it !

When it comes to curry in Sri Lanka you generally have different choices, chicken, fish, mutton, lentils or fruits, and different vegetable combinations. It is always served with a large load of rice and poppadoms. So even vegetarians will find it easy to travel the country. That is why Sri Lanka is considered one of Asia’s best destinations for vegetarians. Though do note that most of the time the spices are so tasty and rich on flavor that you will likely need a juice to chase it. And if curry is not your cup of tea, you can still find western dishes that match your dietary preferences in most restaurants or hotels.

Ceylon Tea

2. Enjoy A Cup Of Ceylon Tea

Tea is grown in many different places in the country. From the first tea bush planted in 1867, Sri Lanka is the fourth largest producer of tea. Originally called Ceylon, Sri Lanka’s tea country is a landscape of undulating green fields in which pickers deftly harvest the tea leaves, tossing them into sacks hanging back from the crowns of their heads. Learn about the tea industry whilst enjoying the cool breeze and scenic mountain views, staying at a countryside resort such as Thotalagala.

Ceylon black tea is one of the best black teas in the world. Some of the most popular Ceylon teas are produced in Uva, Nuwara Eliya and Kandy, each having its unique flavor. It can be a relaxing experience to spend your afternoon with a nice cup of Ceylon tea in Nuwara Eliya or Kandy which has fresh, highland air and beautiful scenery.

3. It Is The Best Place To See Wildlife

With an abundance of elephants, leopards, whales and birds, Sri Lanka is one of the best destinations for seeing wildlife. Uda Walawe National Park is excellent for an up close look at wild elephants. If you are fond of birds, reptiles or amphibians, take a jungle walk in Sinharaja Forest Reserve, the Sri Lanka’s last primary tropical rainforest, which is also an ideal place for photography.

For whales, head to Mirissa or Trincommalee where you will have a good chance of seeing these lovely mammals. Yala National Park is best for spotting leopards, this park has the highest density of leopard in the world, meaning it is easier to see these powerful, handsome leopards here than anywhere else. Some days safari in Yala will usually result in leopard sightings, though as with anything to do with the wildlife, there can be no guarantees.

Have you been to Sri Lanka ? What did you love about the country ?

Rich cultures, unspoiled beaches, wondrous wildlife, friendly locals and exotic traditional food, if you are willing to have all these in one journey, Sri Lanka would be the perfect option for your next travel experience !

世界各地的情况正在逐渐恢复正常,旅游业近期也显露复苏迹象。斯里兰卡目前正允许旅行,你准备好飞往斯里兰卡再次感受天堂岛屿的美景了吗 ?

斯里兰卡的丰富历史,热带气候,一望无际的海滩,壮观的野生动物,令人难以置信的食物和与奢华感,这些都是为何将其列入旅行清单的众多原因。斯里兰卡是一个令人难忘的胜地,无论你是哪种类型的旅行者,岛上都有适合你的行程 !

下边为大家带来斯里兰卡旅游的主要原因 :

Taste Of Curry

1. 浓厚的斯里兰卡咖喱

斯里兰卡以其美食而闻名,无论早餐,午餐,还是晚餐,斯里兰卡人都会吃米饭和咖喱。你知道这个岛上咖喱无所不在吗 ? 咖喱是斯里兰卡最经典的美食,在任何一家餐馆里都能见到它的踪迹,而且价格便宜,你肯定不能错过当地的咖喱。斯里兰卡人非常擅长烹调咖喱,你不仅不会吃厌,一定还会吃得不亦乐乎,最后整个人带着一身咖喱味离开哟 !

咖哩的形式有很多种,有浓郁醇厚的,充满椰香的,辛香的等等。说到斯里兰卡咖哩,又是另一种特色。斯里兰卡的咖喱并没有想象中单调,主食变化多端,有不同的选择,鸡肉,鱼,羊肉,扁豆或水果,以及不同的蔬菜组合,总是会配上大量的米饭和 poppadoms。所以即使是素食者也会发现在这个国家旅行很容易。这就是为什么斯里兰卡被认为是亚洲素食者的最佳目的地之一。如果咖喱不是你的最爱,你仍然可以在大多数餐厅或酒店找到西餐或其他餐点。

2. 品茶之旅

斯里兰卡不同的区域都种植茶。由 1867 年种植第一株茶树开始,斯里兰卡所盛产的锡兰紅茶名列世界四大紅茶之一,斯里兰卡的茶国最初被称为锡兰,是一片起伏的绿色田野,采摘者巧妙地采摘茶叶,将它们扔进挂在头顶上的麻袋。在斯里兰卡,品尝一杯芳醇好茶并不困难,馥郁的香气与醇厚口感,宛如英式茶圆莊主举手手投足之间那沉稳优雅的绅士风度,及含蓄地散发的幽幽高贵气质。你也可以入住附近的 Thotalagala 乡村度假屋,了解茶业,同时享受优美的山景和凉爽的环境。

一些最受欢迎的锡兰茶产自乌瓦,努沃勒埃利耶和康提,每种茶都有其独特的风味。你可在 Nuwara Eliya 或 Kandy 品茶,斯里兰卡有热烈的阳光,湿润的海风和肥沃的土壤,是孕育锡兰红茶得天独厚的自然条件。觅一处茶园,喝一杯红茶,以茶香和清风抚慰尘世疲乏 !

Wondrous Wildlife

3. 观赏野生动物的最佳地点

观赏野生动物只能去非洲吗 ? 其实在斯里兰卡就能相对轻松的实现。斯里兰卡拥有大象,豹,鲸鱼和鸟类,是观赏野生动物的最佳地点之一。Uda Walawe National Park 非常适合近距离观察野生大象。如果你喜欢鸟类,爬行动物或两栖动物,可以在斯里兰卡最原始热带雨林 Sinharaja Forest Reserve 进行丛林漫步,这里非常适合摄影哦。

如果你想看鲸鱼,前往 Mirissa 或 Trincommalee,在那里你有机会看到这些可爱的哺乳动物。Yala National Park 最适合观赏花豹,原是世上花豹密度最高的地方之一,大约每平方公里便可找到一头,连同境內的野生大象,黑熊及二百多种雀鸟等等,你只要乘坐吉普車,便可深入探索这个美丽的自然世界 !

你去过斯里兰卡吗 ? 你喜欢这个国家的什么 ?

丰富的文化,未受污染的海滩,奇妙的野生动物,友好的当地人和异国情调的传统美食,一旦你在这里旅行,看到,品尝,探索,你就会明白为什么,斯里兰卡将是你下一次旅行的完美选择 !

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