Wish You Were Here 好希望你也在这里

We wish you were here! Being so high up in the mountains and looking at this incredible multi-colored beauty, we will save you a seat.

Red, ochre, white, and turquoise mineral stripes in the Vinicunca, also called Rainbow Mountain lend it wow appeal. You can go to a land where you will be positively surrounded by colour, for culminates in photos that are forever engraved in the memory of you! Don’t you think so?

Wish you could be in Vinicunca getting those instaworthy memories. Simply contact us, we will gladly assist you to plan your trip to your dream destination!

好希望你也在这里 ! 有没有被这绝美丹霞地貌的奇观电晕 ?

有着如不同糖果的颜色,层以背斜的地理构造层层堆叠,神奇地创造出这绚丽自然景观的 — 秘鲁彩虹山。因为沉积在內陆的红色岩石经过百万年长时间的流水侵触与风化作用,慢慢变化而出現富有层次分明的地质,仿佛为一幅璀璨的天然七彩画,也是许多人朝圣的梦幻景点之一哦。

这样五颜六色的山丘,热爱旅行的你会喜欢吗 ? 旅行者们,希望大家永远在路上,不断探索全球各地新奇的事物 !

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