What is your last travel destination 你还记得最后一次旅行是去哪里 ?

What was your last travel destination? Have you travelled to these places?

Stopped at Elizabeth Tower, one of the most iconic buildings and important historic landmark in London?Went to Eiffel Tower and let pure emotions carry you from the esplanade to the top? Viewed the most serene, romantic, and wildly scenic destinations in the world, Maldives Beaches? Or an experienced Mountain Fuji up close?

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Elizabeth Tower / Big Ben, London
Eiffel Tower, Paris
Mount Fuji, Japan

你还记得最后一次旅行是去哪里吗 ? 这些熟悉的景点你还记得吗 ?

欣赏英国最大的钟,大本钟 ? 登上埃菲尔铁塔眺望台,360 度展望巴黎的城市景观 ? 在马尔代夫海滩上体验不一样的风情,感受不一样的风景 ? 还是,曾到日本国内最高峰,富士山朝圣 ?

大家有空时,或许可以开始计划将来的旅行哦 ! 当然,还是希望大家先克制冲动,不要趴趴走,等疫情好转了,我们就冲啊 !

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