Types Of Travel 旅行类型

Say ” vacation ” to three people and you will trigger three different ideas of what a vacation is. How do you define ” vacation ” ? What kind of vacation you desire ?

As much as traveling with family, friends, spouse, or going solo are the famous types of trips that majority of us are aware of, here are a few categories to consider and these will invoke the wanderlust in you to embark on a trip of a lifetime !

Adventure Travel 探险之旅

1. Adventure Travel

If you are one of those curious, thrill-seeker, boundary pusher travelers who think ” what is life but one great adventure “, then adventure travel would beckons to you. Be it trekking, mountaineering, camping, canoeing or sports, allow the destination to chose you, and let the lights guide you through the journey of your adventures.

2. Cruises

Cruising through the crystal clear waters and getting exposed to an adventurous way of traveling across different places of the world, is something only a cruise trip can make it happen. Cruises can be great for visiting multiple locations without paying for additional travel. They are also perfect if you love the idea of sailing and exploring the different activities on board. Cruises may be targeted to solo, couples, families, or people with certain interests or dietary preferences. You don’t have to even plan once you arrive at the ship. Different cruises may feature lecturers on topics such as self development or history, and some even teach passengers to sail as they travel. No matter local or international, it is a must to experience a cruise trip of a lifetime !

Time With Nature 大自然时光

3. Time With Nature

This is ideal for people who enjoy camping, hiking, and canoeing. Although time with nature can involve many activities, it also provides nice evenings around a campfire, lazy hours at the beach, and time for that pile of reads. Spending time in nature will help to make you less stressed, less depressed, also makes you a lot more creative and productive once you return home. Vacations with nature are important when the children are young, if they learn to love the outdoors, they will probably keep that connection when they are older. Outdoor spaces build in physical activity and curiosity, and in their age of non-stop screen watching, limited recess at school, and ever present junk food temptation, experience and curiosity will become meaningful assets to children as they grow. If you plan it well, a nature vacation can be quite inexpensive, too.

4. Road Trip

There is nothing else similar with getting out on the open road with the ability to make random pit stops along the way. This kind of travel is perfect for those who love adventure with a bit of flexibility, and freedom to do whatever, whenever. You get the chance to visit the far reaches of the country cruising with your favorite song on, or catch up on podcasts. But this is a very active form of travel, you will have to make tons of decisions and stay alert whole day. If you dislike driving, a road trip will feel more like work than a vacation.

If you live within a few hours of major destinations, then this can be an ideal choice. They can be a lovely way to bond with your traveling companions. Road trips are like eating street food in Bangkok. You go taste one dish but you are hardly aware that no one can have just one. The same way, road trips give you an advantage of exploring several destinations on one single trip. Taking you through the rugged terrains and landscapes you had never discover otherwise, and allow you plan your own personalised route, hitting the road has so far been the best of all sort of trips that a traveler can take.

Resort Trip 度假村之旅

5. Resort Trip

If your mundane life is high stress or if you are coming off weeks or months of intense activity, the rest and relaxation resort vacation is probably for you. Imagine you at a luxurious resort pool sipping cocktails ! You might do this at home, but often the demands of a household make entirely relaxation impossible.

More likely you stay in comfortable but low key lodgings and make a point not to create any itinerary whatsoever. You might wander and sightsee a bit, but mainly you will sleep a lot in an amenity which provide you with everything you need, eat delicious food, get a spa massage, read books or watch television, play games, and otherwise waste hours doing nothing exactly. A resort vacation is the ultimate getaway for those who desire to lose track of reality and simply relax. Resorts can range in all different sizes and cater to any require you may have. Nothing beats the cosyness and convenience that a resort trip wraps you in !

Tripping already? No matter which type of traveler you are, there are plenty of type of vacations to match a perfect fit to what you want. Do tell us which type you are !

旅行是一个重新认识自己的过程,也可以借此机会重新认识伙伴们。相信很多人旅行时都和朋友发生摩擦。为什么会发生摩擦呢 ? 很多时候,是因为你们的旅游类型和对方不一样。旅行前,先了解自己是喜欢什么类型的旅行,再寻找适合的旅行伙伴, 那相信你必定能愉快地度过那美好的假期啦 !

1. 探险旅行

户外的休闲活动,通常在城外的自然或半自然环境中。 当娱乐涉及兴奋,身体挑战或风险时,例如在探险赛车,背包骑行,骑自行车,露营,皮划艇,峡谷探险,洞穴探险,高尔夫球,钓鱼,远足,骑马,狩猎,皮划艇,攀岩,帆船,滑雪,冲浪,沙滩车骑行,就被称为探险旅行。

Cruises Travel 邮轮之旅

2. 邮轮旅游

与传统纯陆地的旅游感受不同,视野更是不同。载你到一般旅游行程没有或无法安排的景点或美丽的海岸城市,晚上开船到下一个目的地,白天上岸游玩,省去长途拉车的时间,不用天天整理,打包及拖拉行李,也不需要每天花时间办理入住手续,轻松惬意。还可以升级你的度假休闲生活,等于住在一家海上度假村或一座移动的城市般,与各国人士交流及学习。油轮上有丰富精彩的娱乐活动及表演节目,多元的休闲设施,不间断的美食供应。非常适合各种族群,情侣,好友,男女老少,家庭亲子旅行 !

3. 大自然


Road Trip 公路旅行

4. 公路旅行

当人生与事业已累积起一定厚度,要如何去追寻更有品质感的生活方式与前行节奏?前行的目的,就在于享受前行。开着车,吹着风,听着音乐,在一望无际的公路上尽情奔驰,在纯净得几近透明的阳光里,和自己爱的人一路向前。你可以控制你的出发时间,到达时间,行程和停留时间。 在你计划旅行时,不必注意火车时刻表或航线。如果你在路边看到有趣的东西,也可以停下来看看。你也可以使用后座,你无需额外付费即可带来所需物品。如果你计划携带野营装备,将其包装在汽车中比通过公共交通容易。

5. 度假村之旅

出国旅行预算时间总会比较多。每次旅行总睡到自然醒后,悠闲地享受餐点或下午茶,去去沙滩海边的地方,慢慢地逛景点,不仓促,因为不需要到处走,只要可以放松心情的地方最适合。典型的旅游享受生活型哦 !

疫情过后不妨计划一下,与你的对象來一场适合你们的旅行,度假走起 !

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