Thailand Open Its Borders Up 泰国国门开放

Sawasdeekrab ! Bring your appetites for Thai food and shopping because Thailand is ready to open its borders. After nearly 20 months of closed borders and a stalled tourist industry, Thailand is finally relaxing its strict entry requirements for double vaccinated holidaymakers. As of 1st November, Thailand will open its borders up to 46 Countries and without needing quarantine. Malaysia is one of the 46 countries allowed to travel to Thailand quarantine free !

萨瓦迪卡 ! 终于可以去泰国玩了 ! 马来西亚的朋友,你们准备好泰国之旅了吗 ? 自 11 月 1 日起,泰国国门向马来西亚开放。只要完成 2 剂疫苗接种,你就能乘搭航班入境泰国,而且不需要隔离 !

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