Start Your Own Travel Blog 开始属于自己的部落格

Smitten by wanderlust ? Want to see the world? Why not start a travel blog to share your experiences with others since we all stay at home now?

Whether as a hobby or profession, starting a travel blog is pretty straightforward. You can set it up in under less than an hour. You can begin publishing an extensive series of your travel photos, videos, and trip reports, featuring your previous fabulous holiday! Try flexing those writing muscles, focus on topics you are passionate about, and see what works. Never wait for perfection; if you wait for perfection, you will never start your blog.

So start your travel blog now!

想写部落格很久了,但一直沒有动手 ? 写部落格很难 ? 计划着培养新的兴趣或是爱好 ?

最近这段日子,大家都待在家,代表有更多的时间上网,或是网上购物。所以现在其实是很好的时机,开始自己的部落格 ! 善用时间经营与学习相关技巧。且回归以往的旅游照片和影片,整理一番,写下并分享你的旅行生活,想法,体验和趣事 !

欢迎大家踏出第一步,付出行动,开始属于自己的部落格 !

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