Local Eats In Langkawi 浮罗交怡当地美食

Looking for the best places to eat while in Langkawi ? There are too many to choose from ? As a popular tropical island, Langkawi is well known for vast local food and drink in the country, including authentic Malay and Chinese cuisine as well as fresh seafood such as crabs, lobsters, king prawns, mantis prawns and squids.

Whether you are fuelling up for a day filled of activities, or hoping to end your night with a good meal, we have got you several popular eatery that will surely satisfy your palette. Get ready because it is a delicacies range of places that you must try when visiting the wonderful island of Langkawi. Let’s dig in !

1. Night Market : Local Taste

Night markets in Langkawi are held every day of the week, there are different night markets around taking place in prominent locations such as Pantai Cenang, Kuah, and Padang Matsirat. Locally known as pasar malam, it is a lively affair with local vendors setting up makeshift stalls along a stretch of road and selling all kinds of local items.

Ayer Hangat Market on Friday evenings is recommended. Located in the northern part of the island, not far from Tanjung Rhu, this is one of the biggest market on the island, and there is so much food to choose from.

House of Lamb Malaysia

2. House of Lamb Malaysia : Lamb Exclusive

You may not think of having lamb in Langkawi, but this particular restaurant calling itself the House of Lamb Malaysia is very confident in their preparation of this choice of meat. Pretty much the locals and expats have heard and dine in this place that sorts to be one of the best places to have meat around.

Showered by overwhelming demands, this has brought about the establishment of where it is at today. The consistency of the food here is well-maintained, lamb lovers would find this a heaven that would satisfy their lamb cravings with dishes from lamb satay to lamb biryani, while their grilled lamb is not to be missed either.

3. Scarborough Fish & Chips : Best Beach View

If you like fish, you must stop by Scarborough Fish & Chips ! They have an extensive variety of fish to choose from, from snow fish to halibut, which offers varying flavours and textures to enjoy. This restaurant is hidden away in the northern part of Langkawi, where it is a little more secluded and has some of the best beaches in Langkawi.

Scarborough Fish & Chips sits right on the beach, boasts a nice pleasant view of the beaches along with the cool breeze of the seaside. The setup is set in a small blue house with wooden furniture, but its simplicity is made up by the great views. The food is good, their grilled and fried fish dishes pairs perfectly with cold beer or fresh watermelon juice.

Jala, The Andaman Resort

4. Jala : Fresh Seafood

Jala at The Andaman, a Luxury Collection Resort, Langkawi is an alfresco restaurant, offering a mix of local and western style seafood dishes. It has a spectacular view overlooking the Andaman Sea, and the floor of the restaurant is actually covered in soft golden sands, you are meant to leave your footwear on the rack at the entrance to allow your feet to feel the warm texture.

Their Daily Fresh Seafood section lists the catch of the day, where you can find fresh seafood sourced by local fishermen on the island. You can choose from the list and then select a sauce and sides to go with the seafood, which they would then prepare fresh on the spot. They have a signature dish called the Jalaksa, which has king prawns and barramundi in panko, poached egg, wanton noodles and spicy laksa gravy.

5. The Cliff Restaurant & Bar : Enjoy Sunset

If you are looking for something that has amazing views over Cenang Beach, then The Cliff Restaurant & Bar is the spot for you. And best of all, they have some of the best seats in town at sunset.

They also have a bar, where one could call for cocktails to sip on while taking in the seaside breeze and the sunset view. Among the restaurants in Langkawi, this one has the best view.

Hungry yet ? Let us know in comments which restaurant in this list are you most looking forward to visit, or if you have any more restaurants in Langkawi that could be added to the list. We hope you have memorable experience with the food in Langkawi !


无论你是为一天的行程充沛精力,还是希望以一顿美餐结束你的夜晚,我们为你介绍几家受欢迎的地点,一定会满足你的口味。做好准备哦,因为这些是你在游览美妙的浮罗交怡时必须尝试的一系列美味佳肴。让我们往下看 !

Ayer Hangat Market

1. 夜市 : 当地风味

浮罗交怡每天都有夜市,在 Pantai Cenang, Kuah 和 Padang Matsirat 等著名地点都有不同的夜市。当地人称为 pasar malam, 这儿热闹十分,当地小贩在一段道路上设置临时摊位,出售各种当地商品。夜市最具吸引力的看点当然就是它的街头美食啦 !

推荐周五晚上的 Ayer Hangat 夜市。位于岛的北部,离 Tanjung Rhu 不远,是岛上最大的夜市之一,还有很多食物可供选择。Ayer Hangat 夜市因其丰富的马来西亚小贩美食而备受欢迎,这里各式各样的甜点小吃,绝对是一种后天的味道。

2. House of Lamb Malaysia : 独家羊肉

你可能不会想到在浮罗交怡吃羊肉,但是这家自称为 House of Lamb Malaysia 的特殊餐厅对准备羊肉非常有信心。当地人和游客都听说过这个地方并在这个地方用餐过,你尝过了这家羊肉必会对这里念念不忘。

他们的羊肉都是选用最上等的,烹饪出的料理坚持保住每一样食材的原有成份,秘方烹制,肉质鲜嫩,而且羊骚味也不重,简直是羊肉爱好者的天堂啊,可以满足你们对羊肉的渴望,从羊肉沙爹到羊肉 biryani,还有他们的烤羊肉也不容错过哦。

Scarborough Fish & Chips

3. Scarborough Fish & Chips : 海滩美景

如果你喜欢吃鱼,你一定要去Scarborough Fish & Chips ! 他们有各种各样的鱼供选择,从雪鱼到大比目鱼,提供不同的口味和质地供你享用。这家餐厅隐藏在浮罗交怡北部,位置隐蔽,面对着浮罗交怡最棒的海滩,保证你能够同时体验美食与美景,度过浪漫愉快时光。

餐厅像一个带有木制家具的蓝色小房子,设计简单融入周边美丽的景色。在 Scarborough Fish & Chips 沐浴着凉爽海风,美景配美食,吃着他们的烤鱼和炸鱼,新鲜的鱼炸得外皮香脆,里面的鱼肉还是依然柔嫩鲜滑,再配上冰镇啤酒或新鲜西瓜汁,简直完美搭配 !

4. Jala : 现抓海鲜

Jala at The Andaman, Luxury Collection Resort, Langkawi 是一家露天餐厅,提供混合当地和西式海鲜菜肴。可以俯瞰安达曼海的壮观景色,餐厅的地板上覆盖着柔软的金色沙滩,你可将鞋子放在入口处的架子上,赤脚走在白沙滩上,细沙游走脚趾之间感受在沙滩上用餐的感觉。

他们柜台摆设了每天捕获的新鲜海鲜,在这里可以看到岛上当地人采购的海鲜。你可以直接挑选海鲜,烹煮方式和配菜都写在黑板上,任君选择,然后厨师当场新鲜烹制。他们有一道招牌菜叫 Jalaksa,里面有大虾和澳洲肺鱼,荷包蛋,云吞面和辣味叻沙酱汁。

The Cliff Restaurant & Bar

5. The Cliff Restaurant & Bar : 享受日落

如果你正在寻找最棒的地理位置以欣赏珍南海滩日落,那么 The Cliff Restaurant & Bar 就是你的最佳选择,位于浮罗交怡珍南海滩的尽头,风景美,气氛佳,东西又好吃。


饿了吗 ? 在评论中告诉我们你最期待去以上哪家餐厅,或者你曾去过哪些令你回味的餐厅呢 ? 我们希望你对浮罗交怡的美食有难忘的体验 !

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