5 Stars Sutera, Mantanani Island

Discover countless diving opportunities and pristine beaches at the amazing Mantanani the lost Island in Sabah ! We believe that many of our fellow Malaysian friends never been or known about this island. Therefore, we welcome you all to book and travel with us !

Sutera Resort

Located approximately 40 km off the Western coasts of Sabah, lies the beautiful Mantanani Islands. The Mantanani Islands are Sabah’s hidden gem and offers a combination of turquoise water and white sandy beaches, filled with a myriad of marine life and white sandy beaches fringed by coconut palm trees making it an excellent destination for snorkeling, scuba diving or island hopping. One of the main reasons that Mantanani Islands is popular for local and tourists alike is because of its picturesque scenery, cool breezes and serene environment !

Take advantage of our 5 Stars Sutera @ Mantanani Island package and experience the perfect escape now !

Sea Sun Land

马来西亚媲美马尔代夫的海上仙境,沙巴美人鱼岛 ( Mantanani Island ) ! 我们相信许多马来西亚的朋友们从未去过或不知道这个岛屿。因此,我们欢迎大家预订一同旅行 !

Manatani Chalet

美丽的美人鱼岛位于沙巴西海岸约 40 公里处。美人鱼岛是沙巴隐藏的宝石,拥有碧绿的海水和白色的沙滩,充满了无数海洋生物的大自然,椰树环绕,使其成为浮潜,潜水或环岛游的绝佳目的地。美人鱼岛深受当地人和游客喜爱的主要原因之一是因为其风景如画,凉爽的天气和宁静的环境 !

还没去过的你,就别等了,立即预定我们的美人鱼岛 5 星级 Sutera 豪华度假村配套体验一番吧!

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