Malaysia Airline Covid-19 Travel Information 马航旅游资讯

The long-awaited day has finally arrived, Malaysian officials eased interstate and international travel ! Malaysia Airlines has thoughtfully sorted out the entry SOPs of countries around the world, including: entry and exit requirements, local laws and customs, health conditions and other details. Regardless of whether the vaccination is completed or not, the website will display various relevant conditions.

Malaysia Airlines website still updating the SOPs of various countries, such as: restaurant restrictions, business hours and so on. If you going to travel or work abroad, refer to this website before purchasing an airline ticket ! My TravelPass no longer required. The steps are pretty easy, you can access and search for any country requirements, like tests and quarantine, safety and security, travel warnings, etc. Keep yourself up to date with latest status, the information will be update over time !

Remember safety first ! Before you travel, always read the available information on your destination.

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Malaysia Airline Covid-19 Travel Information 马航旅游资讯

翘首期盼,我们终于可以跨州出国啦 ! Malaysia Airlines 非常贴心地整理出了全球各国入境的 SOP,包括 : 入境条件,隔离期,筛检,入境申请资料等详情。无论是完成疫苗接种与否,网站都会显示各种相关条件哦。

Malaysia Airlines 网页仍在陆续整理出各国的 SOP,例如 : 餐厅限制措施,商店营业时段等等。想要出国旅行,工作的你,买机票前一定要先到这网站查询清楚咯 ! 不需要麻烦地申请 My TravelPass 了。检查步骤十分简单,它能够检查飞达的国家入境所需条件,入境时是否需要隔离,进行检测等等。记得要注意看资讯的最后更新的时段哦,资讯会随着时间慢慢更新 !

希望大家一定要遵守 SOP 哦。 安全第一,保护好自己,保护好家人 !

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