Langkawi Travel Spot 浮罗交怡旅游景点

It is time for some sun, sea and sand with your loved ones ! Don’t we all miss it so much ? Langkawi was the first travel bubble destination to be opened. Let’s get some travel vibes in these travel spots now !

🦅 3D Museum

The biggest 3D Museum in Malaysia is in Langkawi, and it is a great place to go as a family or when you feel a bit dizzy after all day spent on the sun.

Underwater World 海底世界

🦅 Langkawi Underwater World

The Langkawi Underwater World is one of the largest aquariums in Malaysia ! It is home to 5,000 different aquatic species and is almost six acres big. The space is the gigantic, 15 meter long tunnel where you can get up close and personal with sharks, giant stingrays, groupers, and turtles.

🦅 Snorkelling And Diving

Langkawi is easily one of the best spots for snorkeling in the country as the Andaman sea is known for the diversity and amazing underwater world. You will come across exotic coral reefs and marine life like moray eels, clown fish, and baby reef sharks on your adventure. The famous snorkelling spots across the island is Pulau Payar Marine Park.

🦅 Parasailing

No matter what beach you will visit in Langkawi, as soon as the wind starts to pick up you will notice that the sky is dotted with colourful parachutes.

🦅 Cable Car & Sky Bridge

Are you wondering what is the best place for a bird’s eye view of the Langkawi’s tropical rainforest ? You do not have to pay for expensive flight tickets, it is enough to pay admission to a cable car with a glass floor, which will take you high above the trees and offer amazing views from one of the highest peaks in Langkawi, Mt. Machinchang. But the cable car is not the main highlight here, because it will take you to Sky Bridge which is built roughly 680 meters above sea level. Observation decks with 360° panoramic vistas of the island are located at both the middle and top stations. You can also take a walk on the SkyBridge which is one of the world’s longest curved suspension bridges at 125 meters.

Seven Wells Waterfall 七仙井瀑布

🦅 Waterfalls

Seven Wells is arguably the most impressive natural attraction, where except for admiring the falls from a viewing platform it is possible to swim as well. Though cemented and easy to walk on, be warned that there a quite a number of steps to the top.

🦅 Island Hopping

As Langkawi is an archipelago, it should not take you by surprise there is a large number of nearby islands where it is possible to unwind. Hop on a speedboat and explore unique islands blessed with crystal clear waters and sandy beaches. Popular spots to explore include the Pulau Singa Besar, Pulau Dayung Bunting ( Lake of the Pregnant Maiden ), and Beras Basah Island ( Wet Rice Island ).

🦅 Mangove Boat Tour

Langkawi has many mangroves along its shore, exploring the waterways is an amazing opportunity to admire the diversity of Malaysian flora. Especially fauna because many species of animals such as bats, eagles, monkeys, birds, otters, lizards or even snakes live in the mangroves of Langkawi. This activity is extremely popular among travelers, and there is a reason why because seeing all those animal in beautiful surroundings of towering limestone karsts is top notch.

🦅 Beaches

There is quite many of beaches, but in case you rent a car or a scooter, you do not have to stick only to the closest beach to your accommodation. The real hub for tourists is Pantai Cenang, where you can also find many resorts and the longest beach on the island.

Zipline 高空滑索

🦅 Try Ziplining

Fly over Langkawi’s beautiful rainforest on a thrilling zipline adventure ! You can choose to ride a zipline over a lush jungle canopy, or one that swings over a spectacular waterfall.

🦅 Catch A Sunset Onboard A Cruise

Catch a breathtaking sunset over the tranquil Andaman Sea while enjoying dinner aboard a yacht. Be sure to pack your swimming attire for a dip in the jacuzzi net to cool it off after a satisfying feast.

Here are the latest Langkawi travel spots for you all ! Don’t miss it, save it now !

很高兴我们政府已经逐步放宽管制令了,希望我们离解封的日子不远,大家可以像以前这样自由自在出游 ! 浮罗交怡即将成为旅游复苏计划首个开放胜地,哪里有什么好吃好玩呢 ? 我们来看看。

3D Museum 3D 艺术馆

🦅 3D 艺术馆

马来西亚最大的 3D 艺术博物馆 ! 这栋拥有三层楼高的建筑,一共有分为 9 个互动区域,包括错觉,水上,野生动物园,幻想,经典,城堡,风景,埃及和马来西亚区域。

🦅 海底世界

饲育着多达 500 种海洋生物如河豚,热带鱼,海獭,水母,海星,海豹等等,其中更包括 5 千多只各种鱼类,当然这里的明星其实是企鹅。

🦅 浮潜和潜水

最佳的浮潜地点可算是芭雅岛 ( Pulau Payar ),这里真的很漂亮,肉眼可见海底的珊瑚礁,还能看到石斑鱼,海鳗,小丑鱼,黑点鲀等其他海洋生物。

🦅 滑翔伞

浮罗交怡的滑翔伞可以让你置身在 300 尺的高空中,享受无边无际的环境,暂时把城市的压力一次过大声喊出来。它可供 3 人一起坐在上面,一起感受当中的乐趣 !

Cable Car 空中缆车

🦅 搭乘空中缆车

你可以选择正常的缆车,VIP 缆车或者如果你想提高你的感官或额外的肾上腺素,可尝试玻璃底缆车。水晶缆车的车厢是由全透明玻璃打造,就连底部都是透明的 ! 沿途可以 360 度一览浮罗交怡的无敌美景,SkyCab 还会带你前往弯曲的天空之桥 SkyBridge !

🦅 天空之桥

天空之整座桥就这样挂在海拔约 680 米的高空,俯瞰整个浮罗交怡的美景 ! 天空之桥长 125 米,整座桥只有一个挂架悬挂超震撼的,美到让人窒息 !

🦅 七仙井瀑布

七仙井瀑布 Seven Wells Waterfall 是浮罗交怡岛上著名的瀑布之一 ! 七仙井是一个浑然天成的自然奇观,周围的树木和瀑布的流水相映,置身其中,仿佛身处在与世隔绝的人间仙境。

🦅 跳岛游

跳岛游会去的岛屿包括湿米岛 Pulau Beras Basah ( Wet Rice Island ),孕妇岛 Pulau Dayang Bunting ( Pregnant Maiden Island ),狮子岛 Pulau Singa Besar ( Big Lion Island )。

Mangrove 红树林

🦅 到红树林沼泽冒险


🦅 享受珍南海滩

珍南海滩 Pantai Cenang 位于瓜镇的西南边大约 25 公里处。如果你想来点冒险,可以体验这里的好玩水上活动。但如果你喜欢为自己保留一些宁静的空间,那就站在后面,并浸泡在那令人惊叹的日落。

🦅 高空滑索

体验浮罗交怡的空中吊索,同时观赏浮罗交怡的山区热带雨林 ! 可以在大瀑布探险中度过 2 小时半,沿着 12 条不同的高空滑索穿越瀑布,体验周围的壮观景色,一直到安达曼海 !

Sunset Cruise 坐游艇享受日落

🦅 坐游艇享受日落

一定要体验登上 ( Sunset Cruise by Crystal Yacht ),以傍晚日落为完美的背景,让你在海上享用 Jacuzzi,烤海鲜,食物,饮料甚至酒精饮料都是无限畅饮的呢 !

看了这些好吃好玩的,你准备出发了吗 ?

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