Langkawi Beaches 浮罗交怡海滩

Southeast Asia boasts some of the most beautiful islands in the whole world, Malaysia itself counts many gems that look like they are straight out of a postcard ! Langkawi delivers eye candy galore with sprawling white sand beaches and turquoise ocean !

Did you know ? Langkawi deemed as the Bali of Malaysia, the first travel bubble beach getaway destination, and parts of the island could well be tranquil and hidden away from the rowdy crowd ? You will absolutely love Langkawi that seduce travellers with over jungle-clad hills, sandy beaches, duty-free chocolate, swaying coconut trees, beautiful sunsets, water villas, ocean view spas, and private beach.

Check out these best beaches in Langkawi from the vibrant, exciting stretches to the quieter, more secluded sandy shores that are great for those who want a little privacy and most important less crowded, everyone tends to look for secluded beaches !

1. Pantai Cenang

Stay at Casa Del Mar for a slice of privacy on Pantai Cenang. From this hotel there is direct access to the sandy shores of Pantai Cenang, where you can fill your day with jet skiing, banana boating and water skiing. Return to the resort’s private beach to a quiet sun lounger.

As the sun sets, you can indulge in dinner served on your own private stretch of sand, where the hotel can arrange romantic picnics under canopies and candlelit dinners for two. The La Sal Restaurant, with Mediterranean and barbecue seafood, has a Spanish style indoor dining room and tiki bar by the pool, which has a nearby hot tub, and is shaded by trees.

Rebak Island Beaches 雷巴克岛

2. Rebak Island Beaches

Imagine being on your very own private island. Where the blue Andaman sea flirts with the secluded beaches and vibrant jungles. Stay at top resort, Vivanta Rebak Resort, which is set on a private island just off the coast of Cenang Beach.

The small island’s secluded beaches are reserved for guests of the Vivanta Rebak Resort. An island with tropical climate, this resort is kissed by crystal clear waters that teem with marine life, making it perfect for exciting water sports and recreational activities. Beach side romantic dinners can be arranged, where you can feast on fine food as waves provide a calming soundtrack. Beach bars lit with tiki torches sparkle to life at twilight for an indulgent nightcap. What a life ! When there is nothing to do, but while away the days on the pristine beaches of a private desert island.

3. Datai Beach

Anyone who stays at the Saujana Private Villas can take advantage of one outstanding perk, access to the private Datai Beach. For the ultimate in exclusivity, Datai beach has no public access at all. A curve of fine sand overlooks small islands floating on the horizon.

This spacious villa compound showcases elegant Malaysian coastal architecture and invites hidden luxury style living. It surrounded by the sights and sounds of wildlife that inhabit this unique ecosystem. Flying squirrels jump from tree to tree, tropical birds cheep and pip, while monkeys, hornbills, and eagles continue with centuries old habits within the lush forest environment. There is a cafe bar, you want to experience this secluded spot in the north of Langkawi, you can have lunch or a drink and enjoy the views without having to splash out on an overnight stay at one of the resorts.

Are you ready to discover Langkawi again? Soak up some sun on the beach on your private slice of tropical heaven ?


浮罗交怡拥有广阔的白色沙滩和碧绿的海洋,是最令人心旷神怡的美丽海岛 !

你可晓得 ?浮罗交怡被认为是马来西亚的巴厘岛,第一个旅游泡泡度假胜地,还有岛上有部分地区可远离喧嚣的人群?如果你想避开拥挤的地方,寻找僻静的海滩,你肯定会爱上浮罗交怡,它有着丛林覆盖的山丘,漂亮沙滩,免税巧克力,摇曳的椰子树,美丽的日落,水上别墅,海景水疗中心和私人海滩。

看看这些浮罗交怡僻静的海滩,从充满活力,令人兴奋的到更安静,更隐蔽的沙滩,非常适合那些注重隐私的人,最重要的是海滩不拥挤,不喧闹,可以安安静静的在海边休息 !

Pantai Cenang 珍南海滩

1. 珍南海滩 Pantai Cenang

入住 Casa Del Mar,尽情享受珍南海滩的迷人風景。从这家酒店可直达珍南海滩,你可以在这里玩水上摩托艇,香蕉船和滑水,度过美好的一天。然后返回度假村的私人海滩,在安静的日光躺椅上休息。

夕阳西下,你可在自己的私人沙滩上享用晚餐,酒店提供浪漫的雨篷野餐和两人烛光晚餐。The La Sal 餐厅奉上地中海料理和烧烤海鲜,环境非常的棒,无论是装修还是菜品,都能算得上是一家颜值比较高的餐厅,设有西班牙风格的室内餐厅和池边的 tiki 酒吧,附近还设有被树木遮蔽的热水浴缸。

2. 雷巴克岛 Rebak Island Beaches

想象一下在你自己的私人岛屿上。湛蓝的安达曼海与幽静的海滩和生机勃勃的丛林交相辉映。入住顶级度假村 Vivanta Rebak Resort, 该度假村位于珍南海滩海岸附近的私人岛屿上,酒店的地理位置无可挑剔,阳台还能俯瞰大海。

小岛幽静的海滩专供 Vivanta Rebak Resort 的住客使用。作为热带气候的岛屿,这个度假胜地水晶般清澈的海水里充满着海洋生物,也非常适合进行令人兴奋的水上运动和娱乐活动。可以预约海滩边的浪漫晚餐,在这里你可以边享用美食,边享受海浪的平静。海滩酒吧点着提基火炬,在黄昏时分焕发活力,让你尽情享用睡前酒。在私人海滩上消磨时光,多么美好的生活啊 !

Datai Beach 达泰海滩

3. 达泰海滩 Datai Beach

只有入住 Saujana Private Villas 的住客才可享受专属直达通往私人达泰海滩。细沙的曲线俯瞰漂浮在地平线上的小岛。达泰湾海滩是一处非常小众的海滩,海湾的面积并不是很大,但是这里有着优美的沙滩,沙质也十分的细软干净。



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