Genting Highland VIP Transfer Day Tour

Genting is calling you ! Plan your trip, grab your camera, and go for an adventure out of the city. Spend a fantastic day with your loved ones at Genting Highlands, begin and end your trip in a safe, convenient, and easy way in a private VIP car transfer. You enjoy independent time and personalised experience to explore the highlands at your own pace, create an itinerary that is tailored to your interests. You can now de-stress without traveling too far.

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Pagoda at Chin Swee Temple, Genting Highland is a famous tourist attraction near Kuala Lumpur. During this photo shoot thick fog and the temperature is too cold

Meanwhile we have another amazing package, if you are looking for a private transfer for your family that won’t break the budget, then go for the second option.

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云顶在呼唤你 ! 拿起你的相机,计划你的行程,远离大城市,奔向气候凉爽的云霄,与你所爱的人在云顶高原度过美好的一天。我们提供私人贵宾车接送你,以安全,方便和轻松的方式开始和结束你的旅程。没有赶鸭式的行程,你可以享受私人空间和个性化的体验,按自己的兴趣节奏慢慢探索,好玩又有意义。

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