Food + Culture = Country 食物 + 文化 = 国家

Do you always visit a new country or city with big dreams of exploring just the main historical and cultural sights? Have you stopped by to sit down to enjoy which is their local meal or drink? Which is your favorite food?

Do you know? Today, food can almost represent a country, such as “Nasi Lemak” from Malaysia. “Sushi” we believe your first impression is from Japan. The delegate of every food for every place.

Every food has its absorption, and it can bring people together and bring you to adapt to another culture. With this, Through every local food, we can learn about the country’s history, traditions, and societal norms at a deeper level than simply it is iconic landmarks.

We name a few here; all this delicious food comes from every different culture representing every country.

1. Russia – Pelmeni

2. France – Crepe

Japan – Katsudon 日本 – 猪肉盖浇饭

3. Japan – Katsudon

4. England – Roasted Beef With Yorkshire Pudding

Australia – Meat Pie 澳大利亚 – 肉派

5. Australia – Meat Pie

6. Brazil – Feijoada

7. Mexico – Tacos

Peru – Ceviche 秘鲁 – 柠汁腌鱼生

8. Peru – Ceviche

9. China – Peking Duck

If you have any more to share, do comment below; let’s explore it more together.

到异地旅游,无论远近,玩不必细说,传统景点,老街巷弄,寻求审美和愉悦经历,还有了解目的地的文化风俗。除此以外,你可曾停下来细细品尝当地的美食和小吃 ? 吃是旅游体验的重要部分,是追求享受独特又难忘体验的你不可错过的重头戏 !



不同的饮食特点也反映出各个国家民众的文化,让我们来看看能代表各国特点的食物是哪些 :

1. 俄罗斯 – 饺子

France – Crepe 法国 – 可丽饼

2. 法国 – 可丽饼

3. 日本 – 猪肉盖浇饭

4. 英格兰 – 烤牛肉和约克郡布甸

5. 澳大利亚 – 肉派

6. 巴西 – 黑豆炖肉

Mexico – Tacos 墨西哥 – 墨西哥夹饼

7. 墨西哥 – 墨西哥夹饼

8. 秘鲁 – 柠汁腌鱼生

China – Peking Duck 中国 – 北京烤鸭

9. 中国 – 北京烤鸭

除了这些,你还吃过哪些道地美食呢 ?

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