Culture Fashion 文化时尚

Have you ever worn cultural clothes while you are travelling ? Dressing in traditional garb is a way to show a genuine cultural appreciation for human diversity in the places we travel ! By donning traditional clothing, we can express our interest in understanding the ways of the past.

By dressing like a local, we gain an understanding of the materials used and the functionality of the outfit provide myriad clues in understanding the culture we find ourself immersed in. For example, the multi-ethnic traditional clothes of Malaysian, like Baju Kurung, Cheongsam, Sari, Baju Panjang and so on, those are multi-coloured, bespoke of its culture and radiating vibrancy. Below are some beautiful clothes from different countries :

1. Kimono – Japan

Sinh 筒裙

2. Sinh – Laos and Thailand

3. Ao Dai – Vietnam

Sari 纱丽

4. Sari – India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Malaysia

5. Dirndl – German, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Italy

Croatian Dress 克罗地亚传统服饰

6. Croatian Dress – Croatia

7. Armenian Dress – Armenia

Quechua Clothing 克丘亚传统服饰

8. Quechua Clothing – Peru

9. Boubou – Africa

So next time you find yourself in a far off land, seek out some traditional clothing. Ask the shopkeeper about how to wear it and build the conversation from there. Donning cultural dress is one of the best ways to have respectful experiences and connect on a deeper level with people around the world !

到外国旅游,除了品味美食和参观景点,穿上当地独有的民族服装,也是感受当地文化的好方法。全世界中有各种不同的民族服饰及传统服装,而其中马来西亚的传统服装最为丰富多彩,从远古部落以树皮裹身和头插羽毛,到古代皇室身披织金锦缎,所有服装和面料都五光十色,缤纷绚烂,例如 Baju Kurung,旗袍,纱丽,可巴雅等服装依然随处可见。

大多人到外国旅游时,都会将租借当地传统服列入清单中,那么你曾经在异地穿过当地的服饰吗?或许你没尝试过,但传统服装的魅力真是无可挡的呀!来看看这些国家的服装吧 !

Kimono 和服

1. 和服 – 日本

2. 筒裙 – 老挝和泰国

Ao Dai 奥黛

3. 奥黛 – 越南

4. 纱丽 – 印度,斯里兰卡,巴基斯坦,孟加拉国,尼泊尔和马来西亚

Dirndl 德国传统服饰

5. Dirndl 德国传统服饰 – 德国,奥地利,列支敦士登,瑞士和意大利

6. Croatian Dress 克罗地亚传统服饰 – 克罗地亚

Sari 纱丽

7. Armenian Dress 亚美尼亚传统服饰 – 亚美尼亚

8. Quechua Clothing 克丘亚传统服饰 – 秘鲁

Boubou 布布

9. 布布 – 非洲

下次旅游,可以试试租借一日服饰,来场传统服饰体验 !

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