Busan – A beautiful place for a great experience

The second capital of South Korea, Busan, is a wonderful place filled with spectacular sights to see. There are beautiful beaches and traditional shopping outlets to make it all worthwhile. The seafood places are a must visit for everyone as they are one of the finest. From its villages to the city life, we will guide you through some of the must visit places in Busan that will surely bring your visit excitement.

Yonggung Temple was built in the 14th century, by Naong, who was a Buddhist teacher. It was built in the Goryeo Dynasty. It is very different from the other temples in South Korea. This is because all of the others are in the hills or mountainous areas. This one is situated on a coast. It overlooks the Sea of Japan. This temple is also known as “The Water Temple”. It is so because of the coastal views it gives the visitors which are beautiful.

The architecture is a three-story plan, having four lions and each one represents happiness, sadness, anger and joy. The temple has 108 stairs that visitors walk through and see the stone lanterns on their way.

Busan Haedong Yonggung Temple

The second place we recommend is the Gamcheon Culture Village. This village is nothing short of an art gallery. It is filled with pastel-colored houses that attract people from all over to see this place on the side of a mountain. Its gorgeous street art and cozy little cafés are enough to invite one right in. We definitely recommend you visit this place.

Gamcheon Culture Village
Follow the Fishes

The APEC House, an epitome of Korea’s traditional culture is another must place to visit. It is a three-story building that has a modern expression of “jeongja”. This is a traditional Korean architectural roof style. It is a symbol of the line on the edge of Dongbaekseom Island. The building has been used as a memorial hall and as a major international conference hall as well.

Busan APEC House, photo by Giuseppe Milo

Another place to see is the Yongdusan Park. It is located in Jung-gu. The 120-meter Busan Tower is in this park. The park has the Museum of World Folk Instruments which contains instruments made out of fruits, bones etc. The visitors can play the instruments during their visit there which adds to the wonderful experience. There is another attraction at the park, the exhibition hall of the World Model Boats. This place showcases around 80 of Korea’s own traditional sailboats, turtle ships and even luxurious cruise boats as well. There are also Arts Performances in the park on Saturdays after 3 in the afternoon.

Yongdusan Park

Jagalchi Market is Korea’s biggest fish market. It is a definite must visit place for all the seafood lovers. It has every kind of fish that you can think of, and it will be served to you in an exceptional way as well. The sashimi over here is also available at a very reasonable price.

Jagalchi Market, Busan

Learning about all of these places makes Busan a must visit city of South Korea. There is still so much more to see over here. You will definitely enjoy your stay in Busan.

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