5 Reasons to Travel with A Full Week off Your Working Routines

We usually tell others like you to work more. But every once in a while, you should take a break. Here we are not talking about just a rest day, it is about a rest week. Seriously — seven whole days out of the work, gym, away from the studio, and off the track. It may sound excruciating for exercise addicts (ourselves included), it’s so much more than necessary.

After every two to three months of constant, intense exercise or workload, you should consider travelling with a full week break to take care of your body. Here are 5 reasons to travel with a full week off from your working routines.

(i) Recover

A Full Body Massage Would Be A Great Option

It may seem like a no-brainer to many people, but taking a week off truly allows you to recover both physically and mentally. You will have more time to take a break longer, foam roll a little more and even give your body some catch-up time!

(ii) Reset the Nervous System

The biggest reason of travelling or break for a week is to reset the nervous system after an intensification or accumulation phase of heavy workload. If you’ve been going harder and harder, you need a reset! Remember to treat and pamper yourself well sometimes so that you won’t stretch yourself with work for too long.

(iii) Keep Yourself on Track

Going from a fitness program next to another or burdening yourself with heavy workload can be tiring, you may start to lose motivation. Taking a week off is a great way to offset that mental and physical fatigue. It allows some mental and physical downtime for you. The mental and physical break also helps get you become excited back!

(iv) Avoid Burnout

Are you feeling sick of a workout that once made you feel excited to get out of bed? Just take a week off from your work or workouts. It is not only a great way to prevent injury and improve your working performance, but it also helps keep you motivated. It happens to all of us, especially when we forget to take regular time off.

(v) Avoid Overworking Syndrome

If you’ve been going without stop, you’re setting yourself up for overworking syndrome. In addition to destroying your immune system and body, you could also end up with mood changes (including depression and irritability) and overload your heart. Nowadays people worry so much about sudden death as our daily routines are very tiring. Just get out from your workload so that you can leave far away anything and you do not need to worry frequently about it anymore.

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In short, here are 5 reasons to travel with a full week off from your working routines. You should go out for travelling and take a break to reward yourself so that you can put yourself aside from the stress.

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